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.epub Simplified

Zipped Website Container/Organizer for the eReader

If the book you are writing were a web site, it would have parts like:

  • Words
  • Pictures
  • Fonts
  • Links

So ..., "yourbook.epub" could be opened in an Apple iPad, for instance, as a book container with all those parts inside (and maybe more).

The ZEN approach to the ePUB format

One would think that the dawn of a powerful format such as ePub would be ushered in with an easier composition document-to-ereader format workflow, BUT alias things are quite shy of a straightforward process.

If you have Adobe InDesign CS5 ($700.00-full/$200-upg), you would have the tools to get your documents into the ePub format. That said, you probably would not write your ePub destined works in InDesign because it is more of a layout software. That means, you need a word processor first. Any word processor should do that produces Rich Text Format (.rtf), but save yourself some trouble and use a word processor that can export to the Microsoft Word .doc format. NOT .docx format BTW. Open Office should work fine.

 Who cares about publishing to ePub format?

If you are an author, professional or not, you might want to preview or distribute draft or completed manuscripts for a number of reasons. Not the least of those reasons, might be to see what your readers will experience before they do. So that you are not publishing in the blind.

Eventually, professional publications for in-house corporate needs will be distributed via the company iPad or other device method. Proofing on the actual platform your work will perform could make you look good in the eyes of your audience.

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Every quality word processor should have an 'Export' or 'Save As' feature for the .epub file extension and structure.

Apple's iWork Pages software is ideally suited to this export feature evolution because it already works well with the XML code that .epub uses.

MS-Word has an excuse for being slow to adopt the Export as EPUB feature because of their .docx court case setback.

More in the future ...